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5 top reasons to study in Australia

Cultural Diversity

Many international students are drawn to Australia because it is a young, vibrant, and most of all, friendly country. Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world; people from about 200 countries have migrated to Australia. This is reflected in the country’s food, lifestyle, and cultural practices and experience. The diversity of cultural influences in Australia creates a lively and innovative environment. Australians appreciate the value of cultural diversity that international students bring to their country, and take great care in looking after international students and in helping them adjust to their new homes. Australian culture is forward-thinking and outward-looking; in fact, the Australian emblems—the emu and kangaroo—were selected due to the fact that these animals are incapable of moving backwards—much like the country itself.


Because of this multicultural nature, international students are readily accepted by their peers, and Australian teachers are accustomed to teaching students from around the world. International students who study in Australia will feel more at home, as they will be surrounded by people who are accustomed to interacting with people from all over the world. Australians are known for being open, friendly people. International students who study in Australia receive a warm welcome, and students living in Homestay situations are able to experience Australian family life in a natural, friendly way. These students often report being treated like a family member.


Australia is an extremely safe country compared to almost anywhere else in the world. Because of its cultural diversity, political unrest is rare. Crime rates are low, and strict gun control laws provide a safe environment for people living in Australia.

Renowned Education System

The education system in Australia has an impressive international reputation. It is known for its innovative policy developments and effective structure, as well as the high quality of its teaching and research. In fact, many other countries look to Australia when seeking to improve their own education systems. Teachers in Australia are experts in their industry, and provide their students with strong academic skills and valuable networks. Students in Australia are taught to think creatively and independently, skills that can be applied to a variety of areas and fields.

Scholarship and Job Opportunities

Because it is relatively new when it comes to attracting international students, Australia is able to offer more scholarship opportunities. Scholarship Opportunities to international students than the United States or UK offer. In addition, because Australia is a large but less populated country, it allows for more Employment Opportunities at a faster rate than any other part of the world. International students studying in Australia are able to work part time up to 20 hours per week, as well as full time over the holidays. Working while studying in Australia benefits students in a variety of ways. Work experience allows students to investigate the employment market, and equips them with hands-on skills and experience in their chosen field upon graduation.

There are a variety of reasons for students who wish to study abroad to choose Australia. Students in Australia receive a first-rate education, and are able to do so in a warm and welcoming environment.

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