Student Visa Process

High School



In service

IELTS Requirements

Overall 6.0 minimum

Our team will assess your documents to see if you are eligible

  1. Passport
  2. Personal CV
  3. Academic transcript
  4. IELTS Score Card
  5.  Experience Letter
  6. Financial Declaration
Student will formally register for VISA application
  1. All Documents must be color scanned and sent to us as per the checklist
  2. Send your enrollment forms and documents @ yarabglobal@gmail.com
  1. Students shall be given the offer letters within 10 working days or 2 weeks after the submission of enrollment documents to the institute/college/University
  2. Students must pay admission and agent fees once receiving an offer letter

a complete documentation for processing of VISA shall be done by our team on behalf of individual clients

Important documents :

  1. Good IELTS score
  2. Good academic performance
  3. Work experiences evidences
  4. Good financial capacity
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. Good family background
  7. Good properties & assets
  8. Six months plus old MC
  1. in the process the clients will get GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) based on their financial declaration made to the Institute/college/University
  2. based on the financial assessments clients will be granted unconditional offer letter
  1. As the process continues clients must pay the course fees ranging from 1st semester - 1 year depending on the courses
  2. Thereafter, the client shall be granted the COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) by the Institute/college/University

After complete documentation and final payments of course fees to the Institute/college/University, the VISA Lodgment shall be made in favor
of individual clients to the Australian High Commission, Mauritius Australia

A Client must produce Medical Certificate and at the same time he/ she shall be schedule for a Biometric at Thimphu Plaza Building