Why Study in Australia

Australia is a growing destination for international students. It is currently ranked the third most popular study destination in the world. Australia is popular among international students for a whole lot of reasons, including multi-cultural diversity, world-class education, student friendly policies, safe and friendly environment and availability of post study visas.

It is one of the most popular study destinations for Bhutanese besides India and Thailand. A growing Bhutanese community in Australia makes it an attractive destination for Bhutanese wishing to pursue their Bachelors Degree, Diplomas, Post-graduate, Masters and PHD studies. Australian Government and Australian universities offers a range of scholarship and bursaries to international students. 

Many Bhutanese in top leadership positions in Bhutan have an Australian degree. The current prime minister of Bhutan is an Australian Alumni and so are some of the past and serving ministers. An Australian degree has global recognition.

On the family front, students with accompanying spouse and school -aged children find Australia favourable due to free public education opportunities for their children and part-time job opportunities for their spouse.

Find out the 5 top reasons to study in Australia.

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